Planzet is an upcoming CG film, written and directed by Jun Awazu of Negadon: The Monster from Mars. Trailer available on the official website here.

Protagonist Taishi Akeshima, 25 yeas old, pilot of GL-2. He joined the Planet Self-Defense Force to avenge his father's death. Voiced by Mamoru Miyano of Mobile Suit Gundam 00(Setsuna F. Seiei).

Screenshots from the trailer:

Robotic weapon called GL piloted by Planet Self Defense Force members (the heroes).

GL stands for Geometric Lim (whatever that means). Focusing on aerial mobility, GL is extremely lightweighted, armed with 60mm variable assault rifle as basic equipment. Can also carry missile pod, handgun and Japanese sword as sub-weapon, though not very good at close-range battle.

Hijacked from Gigazine.


BlackSun88 said...

the graphic is stunning ^^ and im sucker for mecha genre. might give this a try