Figuarts Nazca Dopant and Gohan

Here are images of prototype figuarts Nazca Dopant from Kamen Rider W and a new one from Dragon Ball series; Gohan! Above is the image of S.H Figuarts Nazca Dopant.

Nazca Dopant was ranked #2 at Tamashii Feature Vol. 1 Desired Character Nomination Campaign.

Below is the image of a prototype of S.H Figuarts Gohan.

This figure is said to come with two hair molds: one for Super Saiyan and another for SSJ2, four interchangeable facial expressions, and the usual interchangeable hands. Also included in the figure is the cape similar to Piccolo that Gohan used in the Cell Saga. Awesome!

Gohan should be released around July or August but no words on S.H Figuarts Dopant`s release date at the moment!^^,

Hijacked from JEFusion (Link 1, Link 2)