501st Legion Malaysia-Brunei Outpost Appearance at GoFigure!

Some images from last night`s event at GoFi6ure by Comrade ScarySoul!^^, I wish I was there!!! It was raining last night so no green light from my parents to go out even though I got my own car! Dammit!! T.T

Video taken by Comrade ScarySoul:

Comrade Jojo!! So cool!!!!! ^w^

Images hijacked from Comrade ScarySoul`s Facebook. Check out his burogu here!^^,


Ryu Hayabusa said...

lol jojo light saber shrunk hahaha

jojosochi said...

Ryu, haha.. that day kenal water, so become short..

jojosochi said...

Double H, i was waiting you T_T next time you should dress vader haha..