Japanese Language: Class 11

*[This is just a note for myself, on what I learn in my Japanese language class. If you wanna learn Japanese language, seriously please learn from a teacher. These notes won`t help you with anything.]

We`re back to school as usual! ^w^ Today was Yanai-sensei`s class and here what we learn from her today:


Kyoshitsu = Classroom
Shokudo = Canteen
Jimusho = Office
Kaigishitsu = Meeting Room
Uketsuke = Reception
Robii = Lobby
Heya = Room/Bedroom
Toire/Otearai = Toilet
Kaidan = Stairs
Erebeta = Elevator
Esukareta = Escalator

These words are use to indicate places:

Koko = here
Soko = There
Asoko = Over there

Koko wa kyoshitsu desu = This is the classroom

Koko wa kyoshitsu desu ka? = Is this the classroom?

Toire wa doko desu ka? = Where is the toilet?

Yamada-san wa jimusho desu = Yamada is at the office
Yamada-san wa doko desu ka? = Where is Yamada?

*Doko = Where

End of lesson 11.

I know it`s short. That`s because we played another number-memorizing game. And I lost, again! T.T


chubbybots said...

I want a teacher like that!!! Haha...paying attention will be so hard!