Japanese Language: Class 9 & 10

*[This is just a note for myself, on what I learn in my Japanese language class. If you wanna learn Japanese language, seriously please learn from a teacher. These notes won`t help you with anything.]

Sup` minna-san! This is a special edition of "Japanese Language: Class.." post, yup 2 lessons in one post! I don`t want to waste my time posting lesson 9 and 10 in a seperate post because I`m trying to limit my self from posting more than 5 blog posts a day!^^,


We learn a new word on lesson 9: Sakka (sucker?lol):

Sakka = Soccer

Sakka no Zashi = Soccer Magazine.

Soap = Sekken
Towel = Taoru

More important vocublary can be found on lesson 7.

Language = Go

English language: Eigo
Japanese language: Nihongo

You just need to add "go" at the end of a country`s name, example:

Thailand = Tai
Thai language = Taigo

India = Indo
Indian language = Indogo

But this doen`t apply to all country. In America, they use English language so you use "Eigo" instead of Amerikago.

For Brunei and Malaysia, both country are using Malay language so you need to use "Mareigo".

Country names can be found on lesson 3.

We learn Kore, Sore and Are on lesson 8, but in lesson 9, Yanai-sensei added that u need to replace the three with Kono, Sono and ano when a noun comes first in your conversation.

For example: Kono isu(noun/object) wa dare no desu ka? = Whose chair is this?

You DO NOT use Kore isu wa dare no desu ka? <- WRONG!

More example:
Kono noto wa Karina-san no desu ka?
Kono kamera wa dare no desu ka?

Kore = Kono
Sore = Sono
Are = Ano


Nothing much to write for lesson 10 as most of the time we are practicing with Hiragana(writing and memorizing), we played a game, a good to memorize numbers in Japanese language but to bad I lost in round one. lol And we practice a conversation:

This conversation between Yamada and Santosu. Santosu is Yamada`s new neighbor and he is introducing himself to Yamada:

Yamada Ichiro: Hai. Donata desu ka? = Yes, who are you?

Santosu: 408(room number: Yonmaru hachi) no Santosu desu


Santosu: Konnichiwa. Santosu desu. Korewara osewa ni narimasu. Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. = Good afternoon, I`m Santosu. I hope your kind assistance here after. Pleased to meet you.

Yamada: Kochira koso yoroshiku. = It`s my pleasure to meet you.

Santosu: Ano, kore kono kimochi desu. = This is just a small token of my feelings.

Yamada = A, domo... nan desu ka? = Aaah, thank you. What is this?

Santosu = Kohii desu. Dozo. = Coffee, here you go.

Yamada = Domo arigato gozaimasu. = Thank you so much.

That`s all for lesson 9 & 10. There is no class on Friday so I`ll be back posting on Tuesday.^^,