Live-Action Paprika

ANN reported that Wolfgang Petersen is currently developing a live-action version of Satoshi Kon`s Paprika.

"We have a young writer on it, and he just delivered a very specific and detailed treatment that we’re working on," Petersen told MTV News. "And then if that’s a go then he will write the screenplay and that will go very fast because the treatment is already very detailed. So I’m very excited about that. I would say it’s on the fast track."

The original story revolve around the Institute for Psychiatric Research's psychotherapist, Atsuko Chiba, and her unrestrained alter ego, "Paprika." Chiba uses an experimental device to enter people's dreams, and Paprika is her exotic persona during these journeys. However, complications arise when a newer device blurs different people's dreams together and brings the fragile walls between dreams and reality crashing down.

I have watch the anime and it is really fascinating! Satoshi Kon is a really amazing director. He is currently working on a new anime feature film called Yume-Miru Kikai.

Info hijacked from ANN,


abandonedfactory said...

I wonder how well Paprika will translate to live action. Maybe if they have a big enough budget to work in special effects.