Digimon Cross Wars

Digimon Cross Wars is revealed to be the title for the new Digimon that was announced few weeks ago! The main hero of the series is Taiki Kudo and his partner Digimon is Shoutmon.

Taiki Kudo will be wearing the ever popular goggles, which is previously seen used by Taichi and Daisuke, both from the original Digimon Adventure and Zero Two.

Digimon Cross Wars features a great war between good and bad Digimons. Taiki Kudo will be joining the war, along with his comrades, to fight the evil Digimon army. Taiki's companions haven't been revealed yet, but the names of the Digimon partners have surfaced from a merchandise listing. They are: Dorurumon, Barisutamon, Gureimon, and Monitamon.

Source: JEFusion