Chiaki Kuriyama and Joe Odagiri in Atami no Sousakan

Joe Odagiri[Kamen Rider Kuuga](Pictured below) and Chiaki Kuriyama(Above) is confirmed to star in TV Asahi`s upcoming drama "Atami no Sousakan".

Set in Atami, "Atami no Sousakan" starts with the sudden disappearance of a school bus and four high school girls. Odagiri and Kuriyama play two national investigators trying to uncover the truth behind the disappearance.

TV Asahi has scheduled the series for its Friday 11:15pm time slot, starting in July.

Can`t wait to watch this one! Kinda interesting to me and I wanna watch Joe Odagiri`s performance in this drama! Never watch his performance on other series before except for Kamen Rider Kuuga!

Source: Tokyograph.