Interview with Akinari

This is an interview with Akinari, a well known Bruneian YouTuber! I did this
interview with him few years ago on MSN, he was styuding at Maktab Duli at the time
of this interview. He is currently studying at Birmingham City University. This interview was originally posted on my personal blog but I`m posting it again here in this blog since I`ve deleted the other blog! Enjoy! XD

*Interview are in English and Malay. And some of the words are copied directly from MSN! Kinda lazy to do the editing lol! >.<

DH = Me A = Akinari

DH: Hello Akinari-senpai! Can I interview you? XD

A: Sure~

DH: Haha! Okay. First question, what is your birthdate?

A: 13th March 1990!

DH: Describe yourself in one word.

A: Uuuh.. creative?

DH: In your childhood, what kind of boy are you?

A: A very shy and quiet boy, innocent looking..

DH: What are your favorite and least favorite subject?

A: I love art, and maths. My least favorite subject, business and economics.

DH: Your motto?

A: Cultivate creativity and interest. We see, we learn, we try and we share

DH: What do you think you`ll become in 30 years?

A: A cool person? I want a cool life...

DH: Recently what has made you happy?

A: Made me happy?? uuuuh....aku baru siap art component 4 tadi...atlast....

DH: What are you most interested in right now?

A: Filming... learn more about filming...

DH: Is there any particular item you're into collection now?

A: Artwork?? videos, klau item...uuuh...nada.

DH: How do you spend your days off?

A: Do something creative I guess...

DH: Kenapa pakai nama AKINARI?

A: Coz of Arif means Akinari.. =_= it was last 5 years. then aku pkai nama atu ntuk Friendster, then tarus ramai org pnggil Akinari

DH: Favorite particular director, actor?

A: Stephen Chow. He's awesome.

DH: Tell me about Elevian.

A: Its a group of people at school. d skulah ada this place called LT11. There are also LT12, which meant Lecture Theater. Kmi slalu belepak arah LT11
iatah kmi namakan group kmi elevian...d skulah MD ada mcm2 nama group..ada 'GDL (geng dpn library)', GBL(geng blakang liabrary),'Dining people', 'Twelvian', apa lgi tu ah...'V-bench', 'the girlfriends'.

DH: While sleeping, what kind of dreams do you have?

A: Macam-macam!

DH: Dimana dapat idea buat video?

A: Dikepala. hahaha... ntah ah...too much watching movie kli...iath slalu tepikir script...

DH: Your favorite and least favorite food?

A: Pizza tuna..nda tau nda suka apa.

DH: Will there be anymore members joining Elevian?

A: yup...juniors. u mean ntuk buat videos kh?

DH: Yea!

A: I think so...bnyak pulang...

DH: Buleh aku join? =D

A: lol... klau slalu bejumpa bulih ih...but not going to be the main character...hahaha.. kmi 4 ja main character.
kmi slalu pilih random ppl ntuk menambah orang... dosnt matter dri mana.

DH: Pernah liat anime kn? sal aku prasan ada music2 in some of your videos atu dri anime.

A: yea.. prnah...

DH: Manga?

A: yea...suka one piece.

DH: Your favorite character rah One Piece?

A: uuuh... not sure...Luffy! yea.. Luffy

DH: Okay.. Kenal Akira Toriyama?

A: Pelukis and penerbit comic Dr. Slump and DBZ and Kajika (short manga), Cashman

DH: Last question, u end up getting a time machine, where will you go?

A: Future? lol

DH: Any message for your fans? XD

A: To all my fans.. Thanks for watching, rating, commenting and subscribing my videos.. really appreaciate it.. Lol.. =v=

DH: Thanks so much for your time Akinari-senpai!^^,

A: You`re welcome!

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*Picture taken from Akinari-senpai`s Facebook (without permission!) >w< lol