Japanese Schoolgirl CONFIDENTIAL

Japanese Schoolgirl CONFIDENTIAL is a book created by WIRED and Kotaku writer Brian Ashcraft and Shoko Ueda. The book describes the explanation for Japanese Schoolgirls.

Schoolgirls are one of the most influential groups in pop culture. Along with Geisha and Samurai, we can say schoolgirls has become an icon of Japan.

This book is divided into eight chapters, such as fashion, movie, game, books, and describes this familiar-yet-mysterious beings. You can read the detail on Gigazine.

I can see SCANDAL, Haruhi, Ayanami Rei in teh picture!! :3

I gotta say that this is an all-you-need-to-know book about Japanese Schoolgirls. Well this is definitely a must-get/read book for meh! XD


phossil said...

I see Lucky Star too!! :)