Kamen Rider Eternal

Above is the image of the new Kamen Rider in Kamen Rider W which was shown in a scan I posted few days ago. Kamen Rider Eternal will appear in W`s upcoming movie Kamen Rider W FOREVER: A to Z Gaia Memories of Destiny. Trailer of the movie below:

Kamen Rider Eternal is a terrorist leader in the movie and accompanied by Kamen Rider W's Gaia Memory's dopants: Heat, Metal and Luna.

A bit info about the movie:
Kamen Rider W Forever A to Z Next Generation Gaia Memories!
The devil of eternity! Farewell, Kamen Rider W!?

Suddenly it was scattered all over the Futo City, 26 Next-Generation GaiaMemories from “A to Z”…
Then suddenly appeared, brutal criminals.
Their natural shape, not even a human---.
Meanwhile, Phillip with mysterious woman named Maria, look at the trace of the mother.
Futo City, the biggest crisis hitting Kamen Rider. Formidable ambition of the enemies.
Double, Accel, will they both be able to help all Futo people!?
Huge swirling conspiracy, revealed the shocking truth after another.
Shotaro suffered a terrible pinch, if there any reversal of last resort?
Prayers of the people in your heart, warm bond of friendship as a weapon?
Feel the wind of 2 as 1 Kamen Rider!!

Source: JEFusion(Link 1, Link 2)


BlackSun88 said...

wow this is getting interesting ^^