Manzai Gang

Tokyograph announced that Hiroshi Shinagawa, known for his movie "Drop" is working on his second film as a director, titled "Manzai Gang." It will star actor Ryuta Sato (above) and talento Yusuke Kamiji (Crows Zero, Gokusen, below) in a story about an unlikely comedy pair.

Like "Drop," "Manzai Gang" is an adaptation of one of Shinagawa's novels. Sato plays a professional comedian who has been part of a manzai duo for ten years, but due to a decline in popularity, his partner quits. While drinking his troubles away, he ends up involved in an incident and is placed in a detention cell. There, he meets a delinquent (Kamiji) with a natural talent for comedy, and he decides to create a new duo.

Filming has already started on April 19 and is aiming to finish in early June. "Manzai Gang" is scheduled for release in 2011! Cant wait!^^,

Source: Tokyograph