China`s 'Yellow Gundam'

More images of China`s Gundam! A fucking rip-off!! The first picture that were posted were kinda dark, these new pictures shows that the color of this giant fake gundam are yellowish.

This Gundam was built in loraland park in Chengdu, China and they claimed it was their original design, like WTF man? it`s a total rip-off of RX-78-2!

Video of the fake Gundam:

The report confirms that almost every aspect of the Chinese giant robot is a copied from Japan’s Gundam. It also mocks the shoddy appearance of the Chinese robot, which is made with fabric.

The report includes the audio of a phone call made to the park, with a park spokesman saying it’s not a copy and he doesn’t see any resemblance between it and the Japanese Gundam.

Fuji TV closes the report by comparing it to the infamous fake Disneyland. Its narrator wonders if the fake Gundam will still be around by Christmas….

China`s Ultraman?

Source: Japan Probe