A Comeback...

...And now I`m back! YES people, Double H is back blogging! XD I`m sorry that I`ve been M.I.A-ing, making this blog on hiatus for more than.. 6 months I guess? Where did I go for the past 6 month? I`m still alive and well. Here`s why:

College started last July and since then I`m quite busy with practical work and assignments. Bleeeargh!!!! The college`s logo:


Oh yeah I`m back to college, LOL! I`m taking a National Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management, which will take more than 2 years to finish this course! Aaaaaaah.... At least I`m enjoyin this new life, with a bunch of new crazy friends! HAHA.. I love my group, ND/HCM/12! ^^,

Internet Connection

Internet connection were`nt available for me for the past few months, my parents cut the connection(reasons stated above), making me difficult to go online! =__="

Plants vs Zombies

While I was away, picked up a few new hobbies, one of em is this:

I`ve been stickin my ass with my laptop lately playing this VERYYY addictive game. This game is developed by PopCap Games. Gameplay is quite simple, you just need to protect your home with the help of some weird plants with the ability to shoot some fucking seeds to kill the zombies. But as the level gets further, the more difficult it gets to kill them zombies! Here`s a review by stanburdman on YouTube:

More info about this game can be found here.

What`s New With Me?


Did I ever mention that I`m into Kpop now? LOL! Well this is not the first time I`m talking about K-pop here on this blog, my first post about K-pop was on August last year, where I posted a video of the K-pop group 2ne1 here. It was this year that I started to love more and more Korean singer, introduced by my female cousin, an otaku of Korean songs. LOL

Some of my favorite singer & group:

Tae Yang of Big Bang! =3

My favorite song from him, Wedding Dress! You gotta listen to this song. Very3 soothing and the lyrics are =(

English cover by J.Reyez!

KARA! A group of lovely and sexy girls! X3

Cute song from them, Wanna! =3

Park Gyuri ish mine!!! ♥

And Finally, G.NA! She`s new, I think! But her song I`ll Back Off So You Can Live is nice!

I`ll Back Off So You Can Live MV:

There are more groups and singers I`m quite into but those I mentioned above are my favorites! You can get some updates on K-Pop on allkpop.com. Maybe I should start doing updates on K-Pop on this burogu. What say you? XD

What Did I Missed?

I missed lots of updates since I`ve been away. I was shocked when I heard from comrade John Shewsbury that Ngee Khiong, one of the famous blogger has stopped blogging. Sad but true. I adore him, and to be honest, his blog was one of the few that I visited to get some updates on the upcoming release of new figurines! Sayonara, Comrade! T^T

Talking about anime, can somebody recommend me the best series last season?! LOL T.T The latest one I get from comrade Faddy is Bakuman, which is still on going. I haven`t watch the first episode yet. Will post my first impression soon!

Kamen Rider W has come to an end. Well not for me! I got like more than 20 episodes to go. I`ve watch the first episode of the latest series, Kamen Rider OOO and then again, will post my first impression soon, or maybe.. tonight? TaToBa, TaToBa TaToBa!! XD


I weren`t that active collecting figurines lately but I did bought one new Figma:

Figma Black Rock Shooter baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! XD

Photoshoot by Comrade Faddy! ^w^ I`ll talk more about her on my next post! ^^,

Okay I`m gonna stop this 'Comeback post' here. Gonna start updating this blog after this. Bahh it`s good to be back! See ya in teh next post! XD