FLOW, Brunei`s Parkour Team

FLOW is a Bruneian 7 member Parkour team. I didn`t know this team existed in Brunei until I founded their Fan Page on Facebook.

To those who aren`t familiar with 'Parkour', it is a non-competitive, physical discipline of French origin in which participants run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way possible, using only their bodies. Skills such as jumping, climbing, vaulting, rolling, swinging and wall scaling are employed. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles are preferable, and it is most commonly practiced in urban areas. The usage and employment of flips into the named route does not constitute parkour.

The first time I heard about Parkour was when I was watching a movie titled Yamakasi. It is a a 2001 French movie written by Luc Besson. It demonstrates the skills of the Yamakasi, a group of traceurs who battle against injustice in the Paris ghetto. They use parkour to steal from the rich in order to pay off medical bills for a person injured copying their techniques.

A clip from the movie:

Here are some picture of FLOW`s activity, taken from their blog;

Little is known about this team since only a few information were posted on their page. I will try to contact them to get more information about this team soon.

Visit their fan page here.

Videos of free running and parkour taken from YT!^^,