The official website of the Aquarion anime series recently announced that there will be a latest addition to the popular mecha series in production. Entitled AQUARION EVOL, it will be the second tv anime of the series.

The first teaser for Aquarion Evol will be shown along the second Macross Frontier compilation movie, Macross Frontier ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~ that will be opening in Japan this February 26. The teaser will run for two weeks at eight theaters. Director Shoji Kawamori and his anime studio Satelight created both Aquarion and Macross Frontier.

So far, no announced plot and premier date for Aquarion Evol.

Source: JEFusion


David John Shewsbury said...

I would want to watch this and hopefully, Bandai will release the mecha figure/toys again....

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