Devil May Cry Live Action Movie?

In addition to the anime adaptation, the popular video game series "DEVIL MAY CRY" will soon be adapted to a live action movie and will heading to Hollywood! Devil May Cry tells the story of Dante, who avenges his mother's death by killing off demons.

Screen Gems had recently purchased the live action movie rights for Devil May Cry, the very same company behind the Resident Evil movie series adaptations. Kyle Ward (writer for Universal's upcoming "Fiasco Heights") has been hired to pen the script.

Capcom's Devil May Cry series spun five video games. It also spreads in various medias including comic books, novels, a 12-episode anime series, and collectible statues and action figures from Play-Arts and Kaiyodo's Revoltech.

As of writing, there's no confirmed actor that will play Dante in the Devil May Cry live action movie. Whose actor do you think will best fit the role?

Source: JEFusion


David John Shewsbury said...

Didn't know that Devil May Cry have anime adaptation, is it out already or coming soon? I would want to watch this as well...