Marvel Anime: X-Men Roster Revealed!

Just recently, Madhouse and Animax has just revealed the character designs and the cast members of the upcoming Marvel Anime: X-Men! This is the third installment of the Marvel Anime Series (other series include: Iron Man and Wolverine).

Toshiyuki Morikawa and Rikiya Koyama will reprise their respective roles as Scott Summers aka Cyclops and Logan aka Wolverine in X-Men. Cyclops made an appearance on the fifth and sixth episodes of the Wolverine anime wherein Koyama stars as Wolverine. Yuriko Hino, who voiced Jean Grey in the Japanese dub of the live-action films will reprise her role in the anime as well. Additional cast members and the mutants they will voice are:

Professor X: Katsunosuke Hori; Storm: Aya Hisakawa; Emma Frost: Kaori Yamagata; Yui Sasaki: Ryōko Sakakibara; Hisako Ichiki: Yukari Tamura; Beast: Hideyuki Tanaka

Marvel Anime: X-Men is set a year after the death of Jean Grey, Scott's girlfriend and after her death, the team disbanded. However, Hisako Ichiki aka Armor, a mutant middle school girl living in northeastern Japan has gone missing.

An emergency call for help is sent, and the founder of the X-Men, Professor X, summons his team from all over the globe. The reunited X-Men travel to Japan where they encounter a supremacist cult called the U-Men.

Marvel Anime: X-Men premieres on April 1st, replacing Marvel Anime: Wolverine and will start with the first episode called, The Return - Gathering (The Return - 集結) that follows the premise of the series' plot.

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