Yasmine, Brunei's FIRST FEATURE FILM!

I stumbled upon a post on Facebook a friend of mine posted and it directed me to this page called Yasmine. I was surprised when I found out that it is a Bruneian movie that is currently on production and YES! Brunei's very first feature film! Cool!!

The film is currently being directed by Bruneian director Siti Kamaluddin and she is teaming up with Hong Kong’s renowned action director Stephen Tung Wei and Chan Man Ching, and Indonesia’s no.1 screenwriter Salman Aristo.

Siti Kamaluddin with Chan Man Ching

No details about the film has been posted so far, all we know is that the film is about a young girl’s dream of becoming a martial arts champion.

Good news to everyone, the team is currently opening an audition to those who are interested to be part of the movie! They are currently looking for 3 female and 1 male role aged 18-25 yrs old, and 2 male roles aged between 36-45 yrs old. If you are interested, email them your headshot photo to attain the casting form at enquiry@originartistic.com or visit their Facebook Page!

More info will be posted. Stay tune!^^,

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