EA Con Is Back!

YES, the most anticipated event of the year is back guys!

Expressive Art Convention (EA Con) is an event that is centered towards pop culture hobbies such as Anime, Drawing, Gaming , Cosplay and model-kit assembly. Previously known as Deviant Meet (Dev Meet) now it has grown and improved with dedicated committee so that we will be able to deliver one of the best Hobby convention in Brunei! Organised by TFF Company and partnered with CH-Toynation, EA con will offer various competitions such as Drawing, Cosplay and Gundam competition along with game tournaments with attractive and must-win prizes. There will also be panels and workshops for people to share and interact with the experienced committee regarding cosplay, drawing and model hobbies. TFF’s previous achievement was the TFF EACON 2011, which was held on 15th and 16th July 2011 at Asma Hotel in which it attracted more than 700 visitors. However this year EACON will be aiming higher! Offering a bigger event, more games better prizes and anything you’ll ever ask for, EACON will deliver you an event of a life time! (Via Facebook

More activities such as games and competitions are being offered this year; 

Game Section: 
Free Play 
League of Legends Tournament 
Defense of the Ancient Tournament 
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 
Console Fighting Games 

Cosplay Section: 
Cosplay Group Competition 

Drawing Section
Junior Category Drawing Competition 
Advance Category Drawing Competition 

Plastic Model Section
Category A: 1/44 Scale 
Category B: 1/100 Scale 
Open Category C
Open Category D

Stage Games: 
Cosplay Dating Game 
Scavenger Hunt 

Others Activities: 
Vendor Booth 
Exhibition Booth 
Merchandise Booth 
Photo booth 
Vanguard Cards 

Tickets will cost $20 and are available at TFF eSport Centre (Gadong) and Chong Hock Toynation. Get yours now! 

You can go to their Facebook Event page, or you can visit TFF EACON's website for more information. ^^,


Esma said...

I want to go there but the ticket is too mahal