EACon Tickets Giveaway!

We are giving away EA Con tickets for FREE!

Hobby Chaos is giving away TWO EA Cons tickets for two lucky winners!

How to win the tickets?

All you need to do is to answer those questions below and tell us why you want to win this ticket.

Question 1: What does EA Con previously known as?
Question 2: Name the sponsor for this event.

 How to submit your answer? 
Simply post your answer on our Facebook page: Hobby Chaos | Bruneian Otaku+Entertainment Blog! Example:
Answer 1: xxxxxx
Answer 2: xxxxxx

I want to win this ticket because...

Terms & Conditions: 
1) Open to people in BRUNEI ONLY.
3) Tickets are are not exchangeable with cash or any other items.
4) You must submit your answer before 17th November 2012.
5) WINNERS will be will be selected via a random drawing and ONLY TWO will be selected.
6) Winners will be announced on Sunday, 18th November 2012.
7) Winners will be contacted via Facebook.

*Hint: No idea what the answers are? You can actually find them in this blog! :P

Good luck! ^w^