Toy Scalpers - The Scum & Menace in Brunei

The word "Scalper" in the term of toy collecting refers to the practice of buying the toys, usually the rare and popular ones in multiple number and selling them back at a much higher price. In other words, scalpers are a freaking douchebags.

The original term of scalping refers to the practice of removing the scalp of a human being, usually a defeated enemy, to claim it as a trophy.

According to this site, being a scalper means having a good advance feeling for which toys will become popular and ship in low enough numbers to make scalping actually a profitable business. Nothing is more annoying for a scalper than buying several dozen Alternators Sunstreaker toys and then finding out that Hasbro just sent another huge shipment of the same toy to stores. Obviously, it's hard to sell a toy for $50 on eBay when the same toy is warming shelves at Wal*Mart stores that offer it for $20. Many scalpers actually arrange their daily time schedules around their scalping activities. They know when a truck will arrive bringing in new stuff, and then take all the "hot" toys straight out of the case. As a result, many of those toys never even end up on the store shelf (or the peg) to begin with, hence making it outright impossible for normal customers to "compete" with the scalpers (e.g. purchasing the desired toys at the store). Some scalpers are actually store employees themselves, which helps their cause even more.

If YOU fit within the description above, then YOU are a SCALPER. If you are not happy and disagree with post, let me tell you this; I DON'T GIVE A F*CK! posted a very interesting code of honor for toy collectors called the "Collect To Collect Code Of Honor":
1. Buy only what you need and make sure others get one before you get many
2. Acquire pieces for your collection because you want them, not because you plan to profit from them.
3. Help others achieve their collecting goals for the sake of the hobby, not profit.
4. When you trade or sell available toys, do so at cost.
5. When you trade or sell unavailable toys, do so keeping the golden rule in mind: you'll always win in the long run if you don't take advantage of people.
6. Buy from scalpers as a very last resort. They exist because people buy from them and do not make collecting toys easier. Scalping only promotes decay within the hobby.
7. Understand it is more important for a kid to have the toys than you; help them out whenever possible. You're likely to get another chance at the toy, he/she may not.
Why Is Scalping Wrong? 

Obviously scalpers are not playing fair. Imagine other collectors and children that saved up some money to get the newest and latest toys they want, but when they reached the toy store, all they can find are empty shelves. Chances are they are in the hands of a freaking scalper.


When Did It Become A Menace? 

Toy scalpers in Brunei started probably around 2010/2011 when people started actively collecting toys, and more and more toy stores started to open here in Brunei. Believe me toy scalpers can be found in this country. From what I noticed the past few years, there are TWO most scalped toys in Brunei;

2. LEGO Minifigures

When it comes to Hotwheels, the most scalped cars are Japanese cars and of course, the rare T-Hunt Hotwheels. If you can find some Japanese cars in any toy store then you are considered lucky. Try looking for them at Toys R Us or any Hua Ho Department Store and believe me there are hardly any Japanese cars that can be found there. Clearly the scalper has inside man working at the store so he knows when the new shipment will arrive so he can do his dirty work. The normal price for a Hotwheels here in Brunei is around $3.99 (roughly around USD2.89), scalpers however will sometimes triple the price. Does this sounds fair to you?

I used to be a Hotwheels collector and I only collect Japanese cars, but since they are very hard to find I tend to stop collecting Hotwheels. Seriously collecting is no longer fun in Brunei because of those scalpers.

LEGO on the other hand has also become a victim of scalpers and they usually target Minifigures that most collectors have been eyeing, for example mascot and characters in animal costumes. I hate buying from scalpers, but if it's the only way for me to obtain an item that I really want then I'll do it, unless its waaaayyyy overpriced then its a no for me.

Scalpers may call themselves "entrepreneur", but either way I am sick of them hogging all the latest toys and marking up the price! Where is the fun in collecting? Sigh.

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