Few weeks ago I posted my opinion on Pokemon GO. I have received so many hits and page views based on the short article itself and so many comments were left on that post. Of all the comments that I received there is one comment that got my attention the most, the one that I screenshot above. 

Whoever that guy is, he clearly doesn't understand what I am writing. Dude, I was only expressing my thoughts on that game! TRY TO LEARN AND READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ARTICLE! I wasn't even bashing anyone or any other OTAKU. LOL

Maybe some of you guys don't put any thoughts on something, the pros and cons etc. I am a very observant person, I love to observe and understand something, what it could do to you, if it is harmful or not. I KNOW "nada org peduli jua f u play or not." That doesn't matter to me. Like I said, I am only expressing my opinion on that and there is NOTHING WRONG with expressing what you have in mind and there is nothing wrong about having a different opinion from others.

Second of all, dude don't call me a BANDWAGONER. You clearly don't know who I am. I have been playing Pokemon since I was a kid and I am still a big fan of Pokemon. Plus HERE's an article that I wrote from 2009 to show you that I am not a BANDWAGONER like you claimed!

This is where it all began. Where it all started. Where I first played Pokemon games. And it is still working fine! :)

Whoever you are, I hope you are reading this because I want you to know that you are DEAD WRONG about me. Lain kali jangan memandai mengucap orang, Baca dulu artikel atu banar-banar and fahami apa maksudnya. :)