What I Think Of Pokémon Go - One Month Later

Last month when Pokémon Go was launched on July 6th, the second day of Raya I was so freaking excited and quickly installed the game. But that time around there were no Pokémon available yet in this country. While playing the game I put some thought in it and deleted the game afterwards and posted my opinion here on my blog which merely a first impression that got me so many hate comments. lol

A screenshot from my Instagram from 6 weeks ago when I first installed the game. 

Pokémon Go is officially launched in Brunei in 6th or 7th August if I am not mistaken and the hype was crazy and clearly become a phenomenon in this country. Honestly seeing people playing the game, going outside to interact with other people is pretty exciting. Watching my colleagues at the office playing the games and seeing their amazement was really fun. Though believe me I will never gonna re-install because I still think the game can be dangerous and will take a lot of my time. But NO HATE for the game tho! lol

The Pokémon Go craze led businesses in Brunei to offer offering promotional packages to lure in Pokemon players and to attract Pokemon Go players into their establishments and boost sales. Even Jerudong Park hosted a 3-Day 'Pokemon Go' Promo; a three hours' worth of Lure Modules (to attract the Pokemons) on all Jerudong Park Pokestops. There was even a free merchandise giveaways on that night for successful hunters! How awesome is that?!

Poké Party hosted by Mr. Brown! 

Video posted by Fluffy Monster Kids on YouTube 

As for now only Gen 1 Pokémons are available in the game. Rumor has it that Gen 2 will be introduced some time next year! Which will also introduce a trainer battle systems and trading system! More info can be found on this site.

Unarguably Pokémon Go is really fun to play as it encourages you to connect with people and cultivates social engagement. People share locations of Pokémons, and this will allow them to engage and collaborate with other trainers. Places that once was so quiet has now flooded with people playing Pokémon Go such as The Billionth Barrel Monument in Seria, and Yayasan Shopping Complex as well as Bandar area. This also give small business owners the opportunity to set up small stall or booth to sell food and drinks.

I have nothing against Pokémon Go. Having different opinion from other people does not make me the bad guy. I simply choose not to play the game but I still enjoy watching other people play the game! :)

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