Baka to Test to Sokaju PV

Here`s a PV of Baka to Test to Sokaju from Media Factory.

Credits to ANN for posting the video!^^,

Akihisa Yoshii attends an academy where they rigidly divide the student body based on the result of the tests taken: the best students goes to A class, the most incompetent students to F class. Akihisa, known as the idiot or the baka of the title, is naturally placed in the lowest F class. The students can summon Beasts that are used for battles and war between each classes. The better you score, the stronger Beast you can summon. So the A class always wins, having the smartest students and strongest Beasts.

On the day of the placement test, a smart girl named Mizuki Himeji had a fever and couldn't complete her test. As a result, she was pigeonholed into the F class together with Akihisa. Together they set on a plan to bring down the domineering A class.