Comic Fiesta 09

Here`s a coverage of Comic Fiesta 2009 which was held on the19th and 20th, same date as DevMeet 09 in Brunei. I didn`t attend this event but comrade Khaizer Gurren in Malaysia took a photos of the event!^^,

The event was held at Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Theme: Bridging the Creatives

More info can be found on the website:

What is this? Fan art?


Macross..on the line! @___@

Her name please~

Lucky Star Nendoroid~ Konata!! =3

More figurines:

Figures..assemble!!!!! XD

Lavi from D.grayman! lol XD

Bad Byakuya....


Tokyo Stormtrooper? Nah... XD

Lovely~ =3

BRS!! This one is my favorite!^^,

Code Geass cosplayers!

Lelouch: Do the chicken dance! lol

DAY 1 (Photos from e-jump!):
Kawaii!!!! =3

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