Anrufen Online

Three to four years ago I used to play an online game for mobile phone called Tibia. Tibia is very popular among kids in Bruneian around 2004?, and some of them are still playing the game. But I considered Tibia as 'dead', can you guess why? Because most teens in Brunei, excluding me but my brother are now playing a new online game, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Anrufen Online, for mobile phones!

FYI Anrufen Online is the first mobile online game for Symbian platform & devices in China. The game is designed in tilted 45 degree view angle, with real-like graphics, 3D effect images and scenes, all of which are integrated to offer a brand-new gaming experience on mobile devices.

Elegant graphics, leveraged system, rich props, and superior interactivity between players are presented in the game. Player can take the occupation of cavaliers, enchanters, etc., to fight against the brutal monsters for the peace of the empire.


In German, Anrufen means 'to call up', which highlight one major feature of the game, Summoning. In the game, players can bring up their own familiars and order them to fight. Via

My brother playing Anrufen online

I never played this game before but seeing my brother playing it everyday, I presume Anrufen Online is a very addictive game. The graphic are quite impressive. You can download this game through it`s official website here.
Anrufen Online on iPhone:


Ryu Hayabusa said...

is it free to play or it is just like tibia where need to pay to play?

Double H said...

Yup it`s free. They only cut ur credit XD Better use bmobile, it load faster