Japanese Language: Class 14

*[This is just a note for myself, on what I learn in my Japanese language class. If you wanna learn Japanese language, seriously please learn from a teacher. These notes won`t help you with anything.]

Yoh minna san! In yesterday`s lesson, Yanai-sensei taught us more detail on what we learn on lesson 12 & 13.

New vocabularies:

Jitensha = Bicycle
Rajikase = Radio Cassete
Yubiwa = Ring
Nekkuresu = Necklace

Asking for a price:

Sono [Item] wa ikura desu ka? = How much is this [Item]

Here`s an example:

A: Sumimasen, sono jitensha o misete kudasai = Excuse me, can you show me the bicycle please

B: Hai, dozo = Sure, here you go

A: Kore wa doko no jitensha desu ka? = Which country is this bicycle from?

B: Furansu no jitensha desu = It is made in France

A: Ikura desu ka? = How much is it?

B: 12,800 Yen (Ichiman ni sen, happyaku en)

A: If you want it, you say; Ja, sore o kudasai = Okay I`ll take it. Or if you don`t; So desu ka? ja mata kimasu = Is that so? I`ll come back again/No thanks, I won`t buy it.

B: Arigato Gozaimashita = Thank you very much

That`s all for lesson 14. Ja~ ^w^