REVIEW: At Summer`s End

At Summer`s End is the second visual novel I played and I`ve finished this game yesterday. Surprisingly this VN only took me less than two hours to finish the whole story!

The story was berry simple and no other character were introduced except for the Ayaka and the guy we played as, his name is really looong so I`ll just type it as what Ayaka called him; Kitchy.

Kitchy is a delinquent-type of student, imagine him as Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad and Ayaka is a normal high school girl who occasionally got bullied by Kitchy. Both of em has known each other for quite a long time since they live around the neighboring area.

Here`s how the story goes;

It is the end of summer holiday and school`s new term has started. Kitchy is on his way to school and was surprised to see Ayaka with a new haircut. Both of em walked together to school.

After lunch time Kitchy went to the toilet and overheard two students talking about Ayaka. Both of the students mentioned Ayaka moving. Kitchy was really surprised to hear this because Ayaka never mentioned about moving elsewhere to him before. After school both Ayaka and Kitchy meet each other and Kitchy asked her about what he heard that morning and tell her that he like her and he`s going to miss her. Ayaka laughed and told Kitchy that she is indeed moving, but only move a few block from her place and that she is still living in the neighboring area. Well I guess you know how the story ends right? lol

At Summer`s End is berry simple but the music in this VN is really wonderful. It suits the mood when you play this game. The character design for this VN is really bad, I mean it`s too simple and the color is f*cking awful! I don`t recommend this VN even for a starter, I would rather recommend you A Dream of Summer, my first and one of my favorite VN!

At Summer`s End score: C+


Zeerun701 said...

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