Oguri Shun in Gaku

Oguri Shun(Tokyo DOGS, Crows Zero) is reported to star in Gaku: Minna no Yama, a manga adaptation created by Shinichi Ishizuka. The manga follows a young climber named Sanpo (Oguri) who is a volunteer for a mountain rescue team.

Oguri is said to have had a fear of heights, but he overcame it during his training for the role, which he started at the end of December under the supervision of a professional mountain guide. Last month, he made it to the top of the 2.76km-tall Mount Io, despite freezing temperatures, heavy winds, and snow. Nagasawa, who also underwent training in the snowy mountains, had to cut her long hair by 30cm.

The film will be directed by Osamu Katayama, and filming has started last week and s expected to last until July. Theatrical release will be sometime in 2011. The total production budget is said to be around 1 billion yen.

Source: Tokyograph