REVIEW: Ratatouille

This movie was recommended to me by my cousin and I would go so far saying that it is a shame that I didn`t watch this movie the year it was released! Ratatouille is a reallyreallyreally great movie!

This movie was released in 2007. It was produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The story follows uhh, a rat, Remy who loves to cook and dreams of becoming a chef. I know it is impossible for a rat to cook but this movie made it possible! Just like what Auguste Gusteau, one of the character in this movie quoted, "Anyone can cook!"


The graphic of this animated film were fantastic, it also has wonderful angles and compositions, which is so full of art sense, artistic and delightful. The animation was extremely well done and the layering of it on the actual kitchen and street scenes of Paris was very engaging. The story were really refreshing because it was an original story from Pixar.

Ratatouille, set in Paris, a berry romantic city and, the foods are yummy too! XD As a food lover, the team/animators in this film made a great job on the food. I mean, it is not easy to make a 3D food that looks yummy and made the viewers, or to be more specific, me, hungry! lol While I loved 'The Incredibles' and some other film by Pixar, Ratatouille never really got off the ground.

Another thing that I love is the warming music, Le Festin sung by Camille;

Le Festin

This movie is all about heart, compassion ,trust and belief in yourself and others. No matter how different you or they are(Remy)in this case. Working together as a team. An outstanding film, and a great family movie.

Score: A


Yumeka said...

I love Ratatouille, too. Gorgeous animation and such a unique story. I think my favorite Pixar movie is still The Incredibles but Rataouille is high on my list =)