Wake up! Break the Chains of Destiny!! - KIVA

My quick review on a blood sucking Kamen Rider a.k.a the ninth Kamen Rider series in the heisei era; Kamen Rider Kiva! Weiku appu! Sadame no kusari o tokihanate!!

Kamen Rider Kiva is one of my favorite rider series, mainly because of it`s uniqueness in story telling and of course the rider`s awesome suit design, and another factor was because one of my favorite seiyuu is in this series, Tomokazu Sugita(known for his role for voicing Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu).

Kamen Rider Kiva is set in two different timelines, 1986 and 2008. In 2008, we are following Kurenai Wataru, a hikkimori and of course, the titular Kamen Rider Kiva. In 1986, the story focuses on Kurenai Otoya, Wataru`s perverted father. Kamen Rider Kiva is based on horror theme, with the motif for the rider as a vampire. (King of Vampire).

Otoya and Wataru

Opening theme:


Twenty-two years after the disappearance of his father, Kurenai Wataru lives in an infamous "haunted house" where he is destined as Kamen Rider Kiva to fight life-draining monsters called Fangires, the very race his father fought years ago before his disappearance. Wataru must also deal with Kamen Rider Ixa who is part of an organization seeking to destroy the Fangire menace, as well as the Fangires' own Rider, Kamen Rider Saga. And like I mentioned above, the story is split between the actions of Wataru in the present (2008) and his father Otoya in the past (1986), slowly revealing the link between the Fangire Race and Kiva.

Kamen Rider Kiva was a good series, however they do messed up at some part of the story, like the time traveling in one of the episode, Kiva wasn`t meant to be like Den-O! Den-O was the only Kamen Rider series that traveled through time. The separate timelines in this series was the one that made me stick with it. Every question and mysteries that poped on your mind when you watched the first ten episodes of this series were slowly being revealed and answered. It is actually a good way to keep viewers keeping track with every episodes of this series.

Kurenai Wataru`s character reaaaallyyyyy reminds me of Ryutaro from Den-O. I may sounded silly but that`s what came up on my mind. Kurenai Otoya is my favorite character in this series, he`s a playboy that had the passion towards violin. He`s a type of character that will probably be your least favorite at first, but slowly you will fall in love with this character. Kudos to Seto Koji Takeda Kohei. They did a great job portraying both Wataru and Otoya.

Rest of the cast:

Kiva has the best suit design among other riders. The combination of red, silver and black was just perfect! Red resembles blood, as Kiva`s motive was based on a vampire. And Kiva`s rider kick was one of the best kick among others, Kamen Rider Kabuto`s rider kick is still my favorite rider kick tho.

Overall, a great rider series, and FYI Kiva has the best ending scene ever, with everyone including Wataru`s son gives rider kick!!!

Score: A

The final scene! ^w^ The best scene ever!!!!


BlackSun88 said...

i think kiva rider kick is too exaggerated. i prefer kabuto one too, clean cut ^^. faiz one is awesome too, especially the axel mode multiple crimson smash