May`n, AAA`s New Album

The album cover for May`n`s 2nd album, "If You..." has been released! The album will contain 12 songs and include her last single release, “Sinjitemiru“, and also “Ai ha furu hosi no gotoku“, the ending theme song to the anime, “Saikyou Bushou~Sangoku Engi“.

The limited edition will have a DVD that contains three music videos, “Moshimo Kimi ga Negaunonara,” “Ready Go!,” and “Sinjitemiru”.

May’n is also having a special concert at Nippon Budokan on March 6th, and the concert is titled, “RHYTHM TANK!!”


1. Disco Galaxxxy
2. Yuzurenai omou hi
3. Sinjitemiru
4. Moshimo Kimi ga Negaunonara
6. 0 -Zero-
7. Ready Go!
8. My Lovely Thing
10. Swan
11. Ai ha furu hosi no gotoku
12. Phonic Nation

On the other hand, J-pop group AAA have announced that they will be doing a simultaneous release. On February 16th, they will release both a new album, “Buzz Communication“, and a new single, “Daijinakoto“. The reason for the simultaneous release is that this will be the group’s five year anniversary.

Their last album release was a year ago with “HEARTFELT“, and this album will include their singles since then, such as “Aitai Ryuu“, “Makenai Kokoro“, “PARADISE“, and “Endless Fighters“. All together, the album will have a total of 12 tracks and will come in three editions.

Source: Tokyohive (Link 1, Link 2)