EACON Tickets Giveaway: And the winners are...

Time to reveal the winners of the EACon tickets giveaway!

Before I do that I just want to thank everyone who entered. This was by far my most popular giveaway! ^^,

47 people submitted their answers and only 29 people got it correct! And out of the 29 only two winners are selected! So, without stalling for time any longer, it give me great pleasure in announcing the winners of this giveaway as - Wapi Yahya and Farhana Shahrin! Congratulations to both of you! Each winner will receive a ticket to EACon 2012! :) 

Please PM me to claim your ticket

Thanks again to all who entered this. To those who did not win, there is a good news for you guys because there is another giveaway where you can win EACon ticket! Good luck! :)