1st Anniversary!

Hello Everyone! Mark and Spencer here. Seriously, our master is berry busy today so he asked me and Spencer to do this special blog post for him. FYI today is this blog`s first anniversary!! Yay! HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY TO HOBBY CHAOS!!

Our master launched this blog on March 14 last year. His first post was "Once a blogger, always a blogger." Our master started this blog with his passion towards us, figurines. He use this blog to share his collections with other fellow blogger and collector. He was inspired to create this blog when he found CH-Toynation`s blog and one of our master`s friend; Tagashie from Toyzstation. But Tagashie was the first person who inspired our master to create this blog. Tagashie posted and share his collections in his blog and this made our master, Double H to do the same.

Some of you might be questioned, why did our master pick the name 'Hobby Chaos'? We asked our master about this few moons ago and he explained to us that he wanted a name that everyone can easily remember, something catchy and unique. He listed tons of names and Googled them just to make sure nobody use the same name. Most of the names he Googled has been used except for Hobby Chaos! That is how our master pick the name for this blog. ^w^

As most of you can see, our master`s blog went through loads of changes, and we mean A LOT. Like we mentioned earlier, this blog started as a figurine blog. But as time goes by, our master began to post anime-related news on this blog. Few months later this blog has turned out to be an information blog and our master rarely posted/share his collections with his friend. This has saddened some of his friend and our master decided to make a new blog just specially for his figurines. Hence, he created The Junkyard. But after a few moons The Junkyard online, our master created another new figurine blog with a new name; Figure Empire and he deleted The Junkyard. His reason was because the name 'The Junkyard' sounded silly to him, and the layout of the blog really sucks, trust us, the layout sucked better than a vacuum cleaner.

Okay everyone it`s my turn to blog! X3 Hello fellow readers, I`m Haruhi!^^, I am my master`s first figma in his collection. He preordered me through Chong Hock around April last year.

Sorry about that! ^w^ Okay let me show you a few banners that has been used for this blog. My master keep changing his blog`s banner. If you are one of this blog earliest reader, you might remember this banner, the first banner that my master use for this blog. It was created by one of my master`s talented comrade; Munir.


The rest aren`t in order:

The latest banner is this one. Not much of a differences from the previous one actually. But I believe my master has tried his best to create this banner! ^w^

The first template for this blog was Rounders 2. Few weeks after using the layout, my master decided to make a change. He went looking for a three column blogger layout, he Googled them but he couldn`t find a layout that he want and he ended choosing a simple three column layout. He edited the layout and picked a color theme for his burogu; Sky blue and orange. My master`s favorite color! ^w^

Yosh!Yosh!Yosh! This is my chance to debut as a blogger. Muahahahaha!!! Hmm.. but what should I blog about eh? Myself? My love? Aaaaaargh!!! Blogging is not easy as it look. My master must`ve had a hard time thinking what to write everyday. I saw my master woke up early in the morning writing a blog post. But I wonder where he get the idea to do a blog post?

This is Danbo-chan speakingwriting! I am here to solve Red Frame`s problem, or should I say, questions. Here`s the answer;

For news, our master went to various other websites. Like for anime/manga news, our master usually got the news from Anime News Network, Sankaku Complex and Japanator. He frequently visits these site to get the latest news on anime and manga. For Kamen Rider/tokusatsu news, he always got the news from Henshin Justice and the ever useful JEFusion. These two websites are always updated with the latest news on Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu series.

Our master reads more than he write. He loves reading other people`s blog post. When he is free he always look for something to read, whether it is about anime or non-anime article, he always enjoy reading them. I believe by reading, our master can get a much better idea to write a great blog post. Another thing that our master do is reading his older post. By doing this I presume he knew which part he need to improve and by doing so too, he can track back a great post like for example, few days ago our master did a re post on Top 10 Female Anime Characters he wants to date. The original post was actually posted few years ago. This year he made a little changes and he gets more comment on the new list than the old one. I believe our master will post the list again next year, but of course with a different list of anime girls our master likes. XD

I am Yuki. It`s my turn, and I am ordered to write about this blog`s statistics. I`ll start off with the number of posts in this blog, as of yesterday 13th March 2010:

Total no. of blog post: 954

Total no. of page views: 189,820

Total no. of visitors: 108,982 by Sitemeter

Other stats:
Total no. of subscribers: 282 by Feedburner

Total no. of followers: 190

More than 300 visitors everyday, stats by Google Analytics

Top 20 visitors by Country:

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Teo said...

LOL Nice way of celebrating your blog`s anniversary!

Congrats bro. Keep up the good work and I will always support you. You are an inspiration!^^,

phossil said...

congratz on your first anniversary!
Wonder how many readers from GT you have. Lol!