Getting to Know a Kamen Rider Fan

I found a very interesting video made by ZenoPhantom on YT where he asked 10 questions to Kamen Rider fan. This is kinda rip-off to "Getting to know a Transformers Fan". lol

I`m going to answer his questions using a blog post. So here we go:

1) How long have you been a Kamen Rider fan?

I`ve been a fan of Kamen Rider since I was 3(more than 10 years! lol). Oh yeah! The first series I watched was Kamen Rider Black RX.

2) What is your earliest Kamen Rider memory?

My earliest Kamen Rider memory was Black RX. Like I mentioned above, it was the first KR series that I watched!

3) Who is your favorite Kamen Rider of all time?

Okay this is a very hard question for me. I like Faiz, Kabuto and Kiva but my most favorite is Kamen Rider Den-O(Sword form).
Momo dude, it`s Momo!!! Who doesn`t like Momotaros?? Ore, Sanjou! lol

4) What is your most prized Kamen Rider possesion?

My Kamen Rider DVD`s!!! LOL

5) Where do you come from?

Brunei Darussalam, one of the smallest country in S.E.A

6) Outside of Kamen Rider what do you do with your life?

I`m still a student, learning Japanese so I can watch raw anime and Kamen Rider series. lol I ran three blog, Hobby Chaos, Figure Empire and Henshin Channel. I`m also a big fan of Star Wars! May the force be with you! ^w^

7) What is the origins of your YouTube name?

Okay my YouTube name is Double256H. Double H = HH = Hanif Hidayat<-My real name. '256' is my birth date; June 25th.

8) Who's videos do you enjoy watching?

I am a fan of Vange1us` video. He did a great review on Transformers, Kamen Rider and other anime figures! I also watch Actar576295, TJOmega, SEANxLONG, and SENTRYproductions.

9) What is your holy grail of Kamen Rider?

My holy grail of Kamen Rider is my S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo (The First/The Next version) which I got last year!

This dude is very well articulated and it`s one of my favorite figure in my collection! The details are fascinating but I still haven`t got the chance to review him. lol

And here`s the last question;
10) If you could henshin into any Kamen Rider who would you be?

Hmmmmmmmm.....I would actually picked Kamen Rider Decade because he himself can henshin into other Kamen Rider but I guess he`s too powerful, so I`ll pick... Kabuto! Clock up!!!! XD

Okay that is my answer to ZenoPhantom`s question. If you are interested, you can post your answer at the comment section or you cam copy this question and post it on your blog. Spread the chain!^^, Henshin!!


Fang-Joker said...

It`s me Joker lol! Here`s my answer:

1)Been a fan since last year. Was introduced to Decade by this blog lol

2)Earliest memory? It was when I discover this blog! Your post about Kamen Rider Decade titled "Kamen Rider Decade, Kingdom Hearts if the Tokusatsu world". I tot it was a new KH series! LMAO. Then I watch the video u posted and thought this one looked pretty cool. XD

3)Kamen Rider Decade!!!! Double is ok-ok.

4) -
5) Brunei
6) Student! =)
7)I dun have youtube account
8) So many of em.
9) -
10) I wanna be Decade!!!!!!

BlackSun88 said...

haha thats a tough choice.... decade is too imba and more like fanservice series... i would choose between kabuto and faiz though ^^ hyper speed nv fail to appeal to me ^^

Greg said...

Hisashiburidana Double H! I`m kinda busy with assignments. :P Here`s my quick answer:

1)About 10 years ago
2)I started with Saban`s Masked Rider
3)Kamen Rider Agito! :)
4)Kaixa gear belt
5)Quebec City
6)Student in CE
7)No YT a/c
8)Vange1us, KevJumba and any KR merchandise reviews
9)My S.I.C G3
10)Definitely Decade! XD

packie said...

DH, ii just answer the questions here instead in my blog, k?

1) Since forever... grew up watching the series.
2)Kamen Rider 1 (Hongo Takeshi)
3)Kuuga, Faizu, Kaixa, Hibiki.
4)Banpresto's Kamen Rider 1 head display.
5)Brunei Darussalam.
6)A student.
7)paketepaketepak. ii don't know what it means, someone gave that name to me..
8)DrD00Magic & collegehumor.
9)Refer #4.
10)Faizu !!! if the suit comes with the bike !!!