2010 Highlights

Few more hours before we enter 2011! This is just another year wrap up, ups and downs and all the shit that happened to me this year. Personally, 2010 was quite disappointing, because of certain reasons. Not quite of what I expected tho I did achieved a few of em!


Gotten my driving license and my own ride this year!^^,

Became a big, BIG fan of Shoko-tan! =3 I must admit that I stalk her burogu, EVERYDAY! HAHA!

Kawaii ne? ♥

Started my Japanese Class on February 1, but too bad I quit the class last July! =/

June 2010, the year I started to go M.I.A! No updates or news from me on this blog for more than 6 months! Some of the reasons are posted here. I entered college on July and life changed since then. Practical work and assignments were given to us and it was hell tiring! College life is quite different than the one I used to had in secondary schools. College started every 7:30 and ends at 4:30 every school days. The fun part is I get to meet, well of course new friends! They`ve been good to me through all the months. We spent lunch time together and do a lot of activities, too! They are a great people! And they made me the class rep! Being a class rep is quite tough, you are given all the responsibilities and developing leadership quality is not easy y`know! since I had no experience being one before.

Enough with college, let`s talk about this blog for a wahile. I made a few, yup just a few changes on this blog. Made a new banner and a new logo;



I still stick with the color orange and sky blue. I don`t think I`ll be changing the color for a while.

This blog`s new logo:

And I rearrange some other gadgets on this blog as well. Hope you like the small changes! Will try to make new blog layout when I got some free time!

Blog stats, there has been a decrease in the number of visitors on this blog due to me being M.I.Aed! But no worries I`ll try to keep you guys with the update tho I can`t promise for a daily update like it used to be since I`m going to be really busy with Exams next year! =/

I bought a few new stuff ever since I`m back in this blogging business. LOL When this blog on hiatus, so do my hobby but I`m back collecting now and here are some of the stuff I got for the last few weeks;

Action Figure Ezio from NECA. Bought this at VVKimas for BND38.90

And Figma Megurine Luka, an opera mask, Revoltech Saber Alter, and YES I got myself a PS3! XD

Currently playing;

Can`t wait for the fourth installment!!

I`m getting this soon:

2010 wasn`t a good year to me. I was wrong, BUT I believe 2011 is going to be awesome! HAHA! That`s all minna-san.. Ja~